Swanland Show

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A great Show once again.  Thanks to everyone who helped to put it on this year as well as our exhibitors and visitors. Apart from the photographic section, all sections appeared to be reasonably well supported, despite the loss of several major exhibitors this year through sickness or holidays.  I have updated the page that shows the Trophy Winners for 2017

Many thanks to The Gas Company Ltd. who agreed to sponsor the Show for 2017 as well as Jane Godber (Thornton) and Dawn Renton (nee Holmes) who kindly agreed to present the trophies at this year's Show.  Judy Burton and Chris have already signalled their intention to attend next year's Show with new and exciting craft activities for the children to engage in.

The date of Swanland Show 2018 will be Saturday 8th September and it will be held at St Barnabas Church Hall.


We have lost three Committee members over the year so we would like to invite a few others to come on board and join our little band.  The duties are not arduous; three meetings a year plus Show Day itself are the principal activities.  If you are willing and able to volunteer your services, even if only to help out on Show Day, please feel free to contact any committee member or email me at swanlandshow@gmail.com


At our recent AGM, Ruth Colville became our new Secretary; Jean Foster has stepped down from this role after many years but will continue as a Committee member.

Four of the trophies that were presented will need new bands putting on to the bases.  If the recipients of these trophies (Harrop Cup 13, Pearson Cup 17, Hasberry Cup 24 and Selles Cup 33) would like to return them to Tony Featherstone then we will arrange for the bands to be fitted at our expense.

If you saw the TV programme, you might wish to buy the book - The Great British Village ShowDetails here.

Morrisons the supermarket is giving away used coffee grounds from its cafes.  You can read all about it here.

How to start an indoor vegetable garden - read all about it here

Thought you could grow giant pumpkins? - read all about the new world record squash here.

At this time of year, many people are contemplating bringing back some seeds, plants or cuttings from their holiday abroad.  However, there are strict rules covering what you can and what you cannot import into the UK.  More details from here.


I gave a talk to North Ferriby Horticultural Society and was given a brochure about Yorkshire gardens to visit in 2017.  So, if visiting other people's gardens is your thing you can find out more from here.  Just type Yorkshire in the open box and it should reveal a number of gardens which are open for a small fee which goes to charity.




Radio Humberside visited Swanland on Monday 10th April.  An ideal opportunity to promote our Show.

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