Swanland Show

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Show Day - Saturday 14th September 2019





 Lots of trophies to be won in all the categories










Setting up the tables and calculating

the space required on the

Friday night before the Show
















Exhibitors may stage their exhibits

from 8am on Show Day











A fine piece of handicraft entered

in the hand-made gift class
















Fantastic Mr Fox entered

in the same class














Rocky Road tray bake was

a new class this year












 A cake to include fruit or vegetables

was also a new class this year













A hand-made greetings card

for any occasion











Tea Party -

An arrangement in a cup, mug

or teapot using any colours









Shades Of Green -

An arrangement of flowers

and foliage










 The empty plate means that

another exhibitor has yet to stage

their raspberries









Origami was also a new class this year













Planters are a popular category 

in the Flower Section












We had three entries in the

Children's miniature garden this year

but none in the adult class











 Most of the decorated spoons were

entered by members of the

local Brownies pack












Judges are accompanied by

a steward who relays the results

to the adminstration and

card writing team












The produce judge is qualified

to WI national standard










It is normal practice for the Floral Art

judge to leave comment cards

indicating why an exhibit has

done well, or not so well










 Judging the Children's classes can be

very difficult when there are lots of

Portrait pictures to look at









Chris and Debbie took over 

the afternoon craft activities

this year










This year. we relocated the flower and

cake stall to the front reception area

which gave us more space in

the main hall












This year, for added interest, we ran a

silent slide projector againt the side wall

to promote the Show, encourage support

and to invite comments and suggestions

for improving the show











The Comments Board, sited near

the front door, attracted some

nice comments and a

number of suggestions which

we will consider for next year













Show Day - Saturday 8th September 2018









Staging Entries in the Morning














Ready for Judging



















Flower arrangements in a Teacup












Heaviest Marrow












Artstand Corner










Best Floral Art exhibit in Show












Collection of 5 Vegetables - one of each kind











Painted stones submitted by the local Brownies









The Trophy Table














Aimee (Photo permission obtained) who won first prize

for Junior Decorated Handwriting and

the Grundy Shield for Best Child's Exhibit






















Show Day - Saturday 9th September 2017







The proud winner of the Grundy Shield for

Best Child's Exhibit
















The winning Collection of Five Vegetables

















The Best Exhibit in the Handicraft Section was this firescreen embroidery














 Floral Art is always a Show-stopper!















We had an excellent entry of Children's  exhibits this year which gave the Judges plenty to think about










 Each Judge is accompanied by a Steward who notes down the Judge's choices and liaises with the Administration table to produce the correct prize certificates











Decisions, Decisions!













 Stewards can have fun whilst learning a lot from their Judges











The  craft stall keeps children (and adults!) entertained during the afternoon












This year the craft theme was painted stones











Checking the points scores for each exhibitor and writing out the certificates takes considerable time and attention to detail











Our unsung heroes preparing lunch for the judges











This exhibitor won several trophies this year, including the new Holmes Shield














This lady entered the Show for the very first time this year and won two trophies!














This exhibitor made two entries in every one of the photographic classes and picked up enough points to win the Zerny Trophy

















Show Day - Saturday 10th September 2016



Exhibitors who live outside the Village can phone their intended entries through and pay for them when they arrive on Show Day.  Table space is at a premium and we do not allow last minute entries to be made. All that we ask is for exhibitors to let us know by the Thursday night before the Show what they plan to bring so that we can allocate table space accordingly on Friday night when we erect the tables, without having to crowd exhibits or move them around unnecessarily.









We had lots of entries in the Pre-school/reception class  for a modelling clay creature and the local Beavers Group entered lots of potted geraniums as part of their Gardener's badge-building activity.









The Beavers also entered lots of decorated wooden spoons as part of their craft badge work.











The 1 Flower and 1 Vegetable class appeals to exhibitors who grow both.











This class enables any vegetable grower to participate because biggest is not always best! The Basket of vegetables is assessed on the quality of  the items staged, the range of produce used and the quality of the visual display presentation.









The Any Other Vegetable class is another novelty class where biggest is not always best.  Each exhibit is assessed by the judge against the notional expectation of excellence for that particular kind of vegetable.  In this case, the cauliflower and cucumber have both been judged to be superior to the massive leek.










We aim to vary some of the floral art classes each year to add variety and maintain interest.  This year we included a Wellington Boot class.










We have a thriving local art colony who like to exhibit their work.   All that we ask is that the exhibits come fitted with eyes and string or wire, ready to hang from the hooks on our display boards.











Photography is one of our most popular sections and this year saw an increased level of entries.  Next year's titles have already been selected and include one  entitled Hull - City of Culture.














We have a novelty section which includes classes for Heaviest Onion, Heaviest Onion and Longest Bean.  A trophy is awarded to the exhibitor who achieves the highest combined points score in all three classes.









         Small children - Big marrow!











These two ladies are regular demonstrators of papercraft and other activities which keeps children and adults entertained diring the afternoon of Show Day.











Our produce stand brings in useful additional income towards Show funds.  We generally have some cut flowers, potted plants, cakes and buns available as well as any donated unwanted horticultural items from local residents.












Lorna Caygill, President of Swanland Women's Institute. presented this year's prizes.














Having fun at Swanland Show is what it's all about but, if you win a prize, so much the better!













Show Day - Saturday 12th September 2015

The Judges admiring the exhibits just before  opening time.

The Children's shoebox rooms.


The local Beavers Group made an impressive entry in the Painted Stone Class.


We will need to create more space next year for the Handicraft Section!


The Show appeals to all ages!









Our demonstrator entertains visitors with her hobbycraft activities.

Show Day - Saturday 13th September 2014

swanland show

     A grey morning dawns at 8.00 am
    but is brightened by
 our new banner
    thanks to funding support from the
    Cooperative Community Fund.

swanland show

Exhibitors are greeted by our reception
who hand out envelopes
containing the entrant slips, one for each exhibit entered.  These paper slips bear the
class number and the exhibitor's unique
personal number.  Remember to place the
appropriate slip (numbers down/plain side
up) next to your exhibit when staging.

swanland show         


       The Residents' Section is restricted to
       those exhibitors residing within the
       Swanland Parish boundaries.  

swanland show

The Handicraft Section always provides
an interesting selection of hand-made

swanland show

The judge awarded 3rd prize to this
 which has been made in
  the traditional German way.  All
hand-made blankets are given
personal names!

swanland show


This year saw 20 entries in the Jar 
of Jam Class
.   Remember always to
label your jar, use a plain lid and
never use a recycled  jar from a
'branded' variety.

swanland show

       Exhibitors should ensure that all
their pictures are ready to hang on
our boards by ensuring that they are
fitted with eyelets and hanging cord.

swanland show

We use peg board mounted on
supporting frames together with
metal hooks to stage the art exhibits.
This allows the judge and visitors
to view them all clearly.

swanland show

The Fruit and Vegetable Classes
attract exhibitors from both within
and outside the Village.

swanland show

The Basket of Vegetables Class requires
the exhibitor to, not only stage a variety
  of quality vegetables but also to, 
demonstrate their presentation and
display skills.

swanland show

The Andrew Trophy for the Collection
of 5 vegetables - 1 of each

is fiercely contested for by our exhibitors.

swanland show

We have three novelty vegetable classes for

Longest Bean, Heaviest Onion and Heaviest Marrow.
In this case, size really does matter!

swanland show

Our Flower Classes cover a wide
range of indoor and outdoor varieties.

swanland show

The Floating Flowers Class takes
creative skill and a steady hand!

swanland show

Our Children's Section covers Infants,
Juniors and Secondary Classes.


swanland show

Our children will become, we hope,
the adult exhibitors of tomorrow.

swanland show

Swanland School organises entries
for the 
Infants and Juniors Handwriting
This year we had over 250
entrants in these Classes.

swanland show


This year we had some additional
activities to keep the children occupied
and to encourage their interest in the

swanland show

Sowing a pot of cress seeds -
a future gardener and exhibitor
in the making?

swanland show


Our admin team works tirelessly
to ensure that the correct 
prize and
trophy winners' 
names are entered in the results by checking the list of exhibitors' numbers assigned before the Show.

swanland show

The Show culminates with the presentation
of prizes.  There are lots of trophies to be
won for those who win Best Exhibit or
Most Points in the various Sections
of the Show.

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