Swanland Show

Trophy Winners - 2017

Millennium Shield                       Most Points - Residents’ Section              Ella Barningham

Harrop Cup                                  Most Points - Handicraft Section              Pauline Ward

Harrop Cup (2)                             Best Exhibit - Handicraft Section             Pauline Ward

Parish Council Cup                     Produce Section (1)                                   Pauline Bamford

McCarthy & Stone Cup               Produce Section (2)                                   Hilary Hamer

Swanland WI Trophy                  Sausage Rolls - Men Only                          Jason Hornby

Pearson Cup                                Art (1)                                                           Gillian Sturt

Sissons Cup                                 Art (2)                                                           Gillian Sturt

Hotham Rose Bowl                      Most Points - Floral Art Section                Margaret Waudby

Show Cup                                     Best Exhibit - Floral Art Section               Nicola Ashworth

Swanland Wine Guild Cup          Fruit                                                             Jim Sturt

Westerdale Cup                            Vegetables (1)                                            Peter Medley

Chairman’s Shield                        Basket of Mixed Vegetables                     Trevor Barningham

Hasberry Cup                                Three Beetroot                                           Not Awarded

Andrew Rose Bowl                        Collection of Vegetables                           Paul Neve

Pavilion G. C. Shield                      Vegetables (2)                                            Alex Greer

Anne Featherstone Shield             One Flower & One Vegetable                    Peter Medley

Nesbitt Salver                                  One Specimen Rose                                  M W Harrison

Conservative Cup                            Flowers (1)                                                 Not Awarded

Waters Trophy                                 One Flowering Fuchsia                             Not Awarded

Louise Pepper Vase                        Flowers (2)                                                  Anne Augustyns

Adamson Mini Shield                      Pre-school Children                                  Noah

Adamson Shield                              Most Points - Infants                                 Not Awarded

Miniature Garden Trophy                Infants                                                        Not Awarded

Featherstone Shield                        Most Points - Juniors                                Charlotte Walmsley

Floral Art Trophy                              Juniors                                                       Not Awarded

Miniature Garden Trophy                Juniors                                                        Not Awarded

Show Shield                                     Creative Writing - Lower Juniors              Molly Allen

Barclays Bank Trophy                     Creative Writing - Juniors                         Austin Lea

Gaze Cup                                           Most Points - Secondary                          Tom Hornby

Grundy Shield                          Judge’s Choice - Children’s Classes      Edward Hayden-Williams

Davis Cup                                          Most Points - Photographic Section        John Knox

Selles Cup                                          Best Photograph                                       John Knox

Holmes Trophy                                  Most Points - Flowers and Vegetables     Peter Medley

RHS Banksian Medal                           Most Points - Horticulture                           Peter Medley

Zerny Cup                                           Most Points in Show                                 John Knox

All trophies are to be returned to Tony Featherstone, 24 West End, Swanland  by 31st July 2018, 

in clean condition please.


Williamson - Trophyman, 121 Eppleworth Road, Cottingham HU16 5YG    Tel: 01482 842213
Offers engraving services at reasonable cost

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